Three Technologies You Absolutely Need For Better SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the best strategies businesses are embracing for marketing purposes. It enables all businesses to compete at the same level whether big or small. On the other hand, reputable SEO service providers like are working as smart as possible to make sure that they provide the best services. Any company on this end need to be well prepared to serve the clients using the best technology they on the market today. This publication covers three technologies one every SEO expert must have to enable them to provide the best services.


We have all seen it on the top address bar as we surf the web. Have you ever wondered what they are for? Well, I guess only the computer software enthusiasts and professionals have such interest. So, the https has been in the use for long now and proven to secure websites from hacks. Initially, this technology was used to secure websites for banks, sensitive emails and other websites that are prone to malicious hacking.

For your understanding, HTTPS stands for hypertext transfer protocol secure and ensures that all information that is being exchanged from the server to the user interface is encrypted. Also, the server that has stored the information is secured with relevant firewalls.

So, an SEO agent who uses this technology assures their clients that the information is safe from eavesdroppers who attempt to get sensitive information like payment details and any other.

Mobile responsiveness

Various studies have proven that mobile web use is higher than that of personal computers (PCs). As at now, Google has revolutionized the mobile web use through the introduction of mobilegeddon in 2015 – detailed algorithms for mobile based browsing. After this, the mobile websites that are pleasant got a listing on the Google ranking. This quickly became a technology worth to embrace for any SEO company.

According to Google then a mobile website is pleasant when it fulfills the following;

  • The display of the website fits a phone device screen
  • The content can be read without having to zoom
  • It does not use flash software and others like it
  • Can comfortably be used using the thumb finger i.e. fill-in fields, hyperlinks and any other

Now that Google recognizes such kind of mobile web user experience, the SEO experts have no choice than to embrace this technology. Web owners are looking for experts who can help them tap into this opportunity.

Facebook instant articles and Google AMP

Google AMP (Accelerated mobile pages) is as a result of their creativity to provide a platform to deal with mass pages on the mobile web through net storage. This ensures that the web users can quickly access information on the web for the products they seek. Loading of such information is also incredibly fast.

In a similar way like the AMP technology, Facebook uses the instant articles. The page owners or business people upload information which is stored here. There after this can be distributed to all relevant viewers for instant access.

It is crucial to have the above three technology at your finger tips as an SEO company if you must succeed. Clients will come looking for you to handle their SEO needs.





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