What If Your Coffee Mug Could Read Your Mind?

Did you know that there is a Guinness World Record for the number of coffee mugs held in one hand? It’s held by a British teenager named Chris May, who used mugs with very thin handles to achieve the feat. He managed to hold 16 of them!

Of course, most coffee lovers will only hold one — maybe two! — mugs at a time. And when you have an Ember travel mug, you really only need one.

Ember is the world’s first temperature control mug. Other travel mugs can keep beverages hot for long periods of time, but they can’t control the temperature of the beverage inside in the same way that Ember can. You see, Ember can actually rapidly cool a drink to your preferred temperature, and then keep it at that temperature. You could say it’s a “smart” mug. Click this link now to learn more, or keep reading!

The average ideal temperature for consuming a cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate is about 130 degrees, but most coffee franchises, fast food restaurants, and convenience stores serve coffee at a much higher temperature of 165 degrees. That can lead to coffee that’s dangerous at worst, and difficult to drink at best. If you use an insulated mug, your beverage will stay hot for a long time, and when it does finally cool down, it won’t stay at that ideal temperature for very long. 

Ember is a revolutionary new kind of mug that not only cools your beverage to any temperature you want, but then keeps it at that temperature until you’re finished. It even displays the temperature in a read-out on the side of the mug, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Ember allows the coffee drinker to choose the temperature at which their beverage tastes best, between 120 degrees and 140 degrees. You can even program Ember to remember several different presets, so you can drink your coffee at a lower temperature than your tea, or customize the temperature for the weather. There’s even an app that will let you remotely set a temperature and send it to Ember. The app also alerts you via your smartphone or smart watch when it’s finished cooling your beverage to its ideal level.

Ember comes with a coaster that doubles as a charger, so you have a place to keep your coffee when you’re not drinking it — and so that it always stays charged and ready to go.

The sleek design of the mug makes for an attractive way to consume your coffee, too! It resembles an ordinary mug, except of course for the digital display that shows the temperature. You may find that people in the coffee shop or the office stop to ask you why your mug has an LCD display on the outside — Ember is a great conversation starter, as well. Join other coffee lovers and tea fanatics who have discovered how luxurious it is to be able to rapidly cool a hot beverage, then maintain it at the ideal temperature with Ember.

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